Simone DIY Knitted Slippers - Women's Sizes

Another popular style from Joe's Toes.  Worked in plain knitting,  in pure wool yarn, this kit includes enough yarn, felt flowers and instructions for all three variations.  All kits include two layers of thick felt underfoot with optional suede leather or crepe rubber soles. With three variations, flower, pompom or strap trim you can make the kit up as you wish! 

The design is comfortable for all foot shapes and will adapt to many feet that normally need bespoke or orthopedic footwear.

All items in this store are in US sizes. 

Kit includes;

  • Pure Wool Yarn 
  • Felt Flower trims
  • 1 pair thick felt insoles
  • 1 pair thick felt outsoles with latex grip OR
  • A second pair of felt soles with a suede outsole. OR
  • A second pair of felt sole and a crepe rubber outsole
  • Super strong thread and a blunt needle for stitching up

 We've chosen our favourite combinations of yarn, insole and outsole. Just add a note to your order if you'd like to change any of the sole colours. We haven't seen a bad combination yet! 

Our colourways are Damask Rose with fuchsia pink and ecru soles, Dolphin Cove with turquoise and ecru soles and Peach Melba with marmalade and ecru soles. 

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