Sam DIY Knitted Slippers for Men - Using Own Yarn

This is the Sam slipper kit for men using your own yarn and knitting pins. You will need approximately 7ounces of your own yarn and size 15 needles. This knitted upper design is perfect partner for our felt, suede and rubbers soles. If you're looking for women's sizes we have those too. 

Our latest knitted slipper is worked mainly in stocking stitch with a stretchy heel section in garter stitch for a great fit. Like the Crossover slipper the design is simple and comfortable for all foot shapes. It can easily be adapted for wide (even very wide) and also narrower feet. Full instructions come with the kit. 

Kit includes:

  • NO YARN!!!  See here for the Sam slipper kit with Malabrigo Rasta yarn
  • printed pattern sheet - including correct gauge 
  • 1 pair thick felt insoles AND either 1 pair thick felt outsoles with latex grip OR felt midsole with suede outsole OR felt midsole with rubber outsole
  • super strong thread and a blunt needle for stitching up 
  • all packed into a handy organza bag, ideal for keeping the finished slippers

We've chosen our favourite combinations of insole and outsole. Just add a note to your order if you'd like to change any of the sole colours. 

Turquoise shades - teal and turquoise soles
Gray/purple shades - purple and light gray soles
Green/light gray shades - green and light gray soles
Orange/hot pink/red/purple shades - marmalade and red soles
Pink/purple/fuchsia shades - fuchsia and purple soles
Gold/brown  autumn shades - marmalade and charcoal soles



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