Welcome to Joe`s Toes!



Amanda from Joe's Toes in her workshop, Yorkshire, England

We hope you'll LOVE Joe`s Toes! Whether you buy for yourself, to give as a gift or purchase ready made, our easy-to-make kits are fun to put together and a joy to wear. We have slipper kits to suit all ages, from our tiny newborn knit and crochet kits up to a women's shoe size 16.


About Us

Hi, I'm Amanda and Joe is my son. Hence why my business is called Joe's Toes.

 I've been a shoe designer for years and years and helped lots of other people launch and develop successful shoe businesses. As a little girl I loved making felt shoes for all my dolls, I have come back to where I started, and I'm once again enjoying hand crafting in felt.

My contacts in the shoe business have enabled me to find some very special materials - such as the extra thick, soft felt and great suede leather option for the outsoles. Using the skills I learnt at Cordwainers, the old Guild school in London, I've developed designs and patterns for the things I really wanted to make. I've worked hard to make sure the kits all go together easily and contain everything you need.

And I've not been completely alone, friends and family (thank you all!) have helped out and even Joe has tried and tested the kits. 

Joe and grandma sewing Joe's Toes kits
I hope you'll join me in rediscovering the pleasure of creating something special with your own hands.