Crossover DIY Knitted Slippers In Rainbow Colors

Our most popular knitted kit, the crossover slipper design is knitted in pure wool yarn. Our knit slippers are ideal beginner project, simple enough to knit while watching television or chatting your way through knitting group. You can find all the other colors here.

Worked in simple garter stitch, this super design looks much more complicated than it is once you've stitched it to the soles. There's a simple chained edging to firm up the edge so they'll fit well. 

Joe's Toes slippers are cosy and lightweight. They pack very easily for visiting friends and family, and are an ideal gift to pop in the post. The design is comfortable for all foot shapes and will adapt to many feet that normally need bespoke or orthopedic footwear.

Kit includes:

  • printed instructions
  • yarn 
  • 1 pair thick felt insoles
  • 1 pair thick felt outsoles with latex grip OR a second pair of felt soles with a suede outsole OR slip resistant sole pads.
  • super strong thread and a blunt needle for stitching up

 If you'd like to change any of the felt sole colours just add a note to your order. 

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