Thick Felt Slipper Soles - Unisex

These thick woolen felt soles are perfect for our slipper insoles and midsoles with the same punch holes you'll find on all our soles. You can stack soles on one another to create a thicker sole. The holes in the soles will always line up perfectly.

Minimum 90% wool.


If you're making a pair of felt slippers you'll want:

  • 1 pair uppers for the top of the feet
  • 2 pairs of these felt soles; one for your insole (the top layer next to your foot) and one for your midsole
  • 1 pair outsoles 
  • Easy sew needle and thread

 Or take a look at our complete slipper kits.

For extra thick slippers add an extra pair of midsoles. All slipper parts are in pairs. If you actually want mismatched sizes or colours just drop us a line or call us.

Don't forget to check out the all the trims; felt shapes, thread and buttons, as well as felt in Fat Quarters and by the yard

PLEASE NOTE "DEER" color is no longer available.

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